Atkinson and Kirkby, North West

















 The firm, which dates back to 1902, has operated from the town of Ormskirk for over 100 years, announced plans to re-locate all operations from Ormskirk to other locations within the Archwood Group.

The company’s plans included warehousing and distribution for flooring, transferring the groups national distribution centre in Oswestry, Shropshire and commercial functions transferring to a new group commercial centre in Chester. These plans came into operation by September 2015, and the company left the premises sometime around that date.

The firm still employs around 80 people in total, across several sites. They were once Ormskirk’s largest private employers and an integral part of the community. The 15 people that were hired in Ormskirk had the opportunity to re-locate to either of the new sites, dependant on their role within the company.

Atkinson and Kirkby offer a traditional, solid, hardwood block, strip and overlay flooring. They also offer their own exclusive ranges of re-finished solid and multi-layer flooring.



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