William Stones ‘Cannon Brewery’, Sheffield, UK.

William Stones started brewing at the premises in Acorn Street, Sheffield, where this brewery took up all the western side of the street. Sometime after 1860, he formed a partnership with Mr Watts and moved about half a mile down the road, taking over the Neepsend Brewery of Shephard, Green and Hatfield. This then became… Continue reading William Stones ‘Cannon Brewery’, Sheffield, UK.

Castmaster Roll, Sheffield, UK.

Castmaster Roll was a Sheffield manufacturing firm that collapsed into administration with the loss of nearly 80 jobs, and £500,000 debt owed to creditors. The firm produced iron and steel quality rolls, discs and sleeves for the manufacturing and food processing industry. The Stevenson Road site began making gas lamps more than a century ago and… Continue reading Castmaster Roll, Sheffield, UK.

Sunnymede Primary School, Southport, UK.

Sunnymede Primary was Southport’s last standing independent school, and celebrated its 50th anniversary shortly before closing at the end of term in 2010. The reason for this sad demise is due, on one hand to a failing roll over it’s last 12 to 18 months, and on the other to an increase in expenditure created by the… Continue reading Sunnymede Primary School, Southport, UK.

Aftercliffe Tram Sheds, Sheffield.

Sheffield Tramway was an extensive tramway network serving Sheffield and its suburbs. The first tramway line, horse-drawn, opening in 1973 between Lady’s Bridge and Aftercliffe, subsequently extended to Brightside and Tinsley. Routes were built to Heeley, where a tram depot was built. In 1899, the first electric tram ran between Nether Edge and Tinsley. By… Continue reading Aftercliffe Tram Sheds, Sheffield.

Rushen & Diamonds Football Club – NENE Park Stadium

NENE Park is a stadium located in Northamptonshire, England. It can hold 6,441. It once hosted football matches but is currently unused. From 1992 to 2011 it was the home ground of Rusden & Diamonds until their demise. It became Kettering Town’s home for 18 months, with them leaving in November 2012 to play at… Continue reading Rushen & Diamonds Football Club – NENE Park Stadium

& so, the blog was born.

I sat back and looked around at six of my best friends.  These guys are some of the sweetest, kindest and most loving people I’ve ever met, but they have issues; alcohol and drug abuse being the main ones.  They each had a drink in one hand, a joint in the other and they were hot boxing – I could feel myself getting drowsy and slightly high (well, as high as you can get from not actually smoking).  I don’t do drugs and I barely drink, so being with them was new and exciting after leading such a sheltered life.  As well as the fact that I know each one of them would do almost anything to make me happy, they were my family.  My second, misfit family.  And that’s when it happened; one of them looked up at me and said, “you know, you’re the oasis of sanity in a sea of madness.”